Rx Remedies – For Cats drops – 250mg


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Includes MCT oil, cannabidiol (CBD), and pure anchovy oil for flavor and omega-3 fatty acids!Formulated by Rx Remedies’ Chief Science Officer, a board-certified toxicologist and pharmacologist.Rx Remedies full-spectrum Oral Drops for Cats include 250mg of CBD per 10mL, are based in MCT oil, and include anchovy-derived fish oil for a cat’s selective pallet. Research indicates CBD is more effective when all of the cannabinoids (to include THC), and all of the terpenes are present, which is why we use full-spectrum oil in nearly all of our products!Rx Remedies Oral Drops for Cats are a highly effective means of easing anxiety, pain, and inflammation for your feline friend! For maximum absorption, simply add the recommended dose to your cat’s favorite treat. Highly concentrated, all-natural, and specially formulated for even the pickiest cat.


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